Time to go clean...... again.

The first half of last year I dropped the weekly cheat days and went as clean as possible. It was one of the best things I did and the results were incredible. About mid way through the summer I started to add Starbucks back in and a few more cheat days and the body composition that I worked so hard to get started to fade. I am currently up about 8-9lbs which is not bad, and I will have trouble in losing that weight but I am not happy that I let it slide back after working so hard to trim down.

I went out this weekend and stocked up on groceries so that I can prepare my meals and jump back on the clean eating challenge. I am still lifting six days a week and would like to get back to summer lean that I had last year.

Updates coming soon.

Calorie Pitfalls Are Everywhere!!


This right here is a perfect example of how easy it is to fall short on a diet and how even when you think you are doing well you could actually be sabotaging all of your efforts.
Walking through Walmart with my son and looking for decent snacks for Saturday movie night and I came across this small bag of dried fruits. Knowing that dried fruits are not the greatest snack, but I love them anyway I picked them up to see how much damage I would be in for in getting these tasty things. This package is labeled very convincingly as a good alternative for dieters or healthy eaters but once I flipped it over to read the ingredients I was shocked to see that this tiny package was combined 800 calories!! My son said, "Dad, that's more than a hamburger and fries!" I knew dried fruit was high in calories but this one still shocked me, I mean this bag is tiny and would be gone in 5 minutes.

Always take notice of what you eat, even when you think you're on the right path you can be tricked very easily.

Almost one year later

It has been one year since I finally hit my goal weight after losing 160lbs, and almost one year since I started lifting weights on a regular routine and I am still going strong. I will post new pictures and updated progress shots later but wanted to quickly update as to what I have been up too the last year.

Since last February I have been lifting weights six days a week (routine on the site) and following a very strict diet to maximize my gains. I am at the point now where I cannot stand to miss a day in the gym and look forward to the next day when I go to bed at night. Lifting now, along with the diet, has also become another obsession of mine, adding new things and trying to find new ways to keep myself going and continuing this new lifestyle in every way. In the last year I have seen big improvements in my muscle growth and also in my overall body shape. The weight loss had already reshaped my body and I was very happy with what I had done, but after lifting for a year I have gone through an all new reshaping. I look leaner even at the same weight, and I also look like healthier in every way. I am very anxious to keep going and see what kind of changes happen in the next year and also keep growing to the size I would like to ultimately be.

As far as the diet is concerned with my lifting, I started to feel like my cheat days were hurting or at least holding back some of the progress I was seeing from the lifting. So about 6 months ago I started to cut out the cheat days and go 100% as clean as possible for longer stretches than the 6 days the slow carb diet calls for. I started with a short 30 days clean before I had my first cheat day. It went to so well, I saw so many nice changes from this new diet that I stretched the next round into about 60 days. I actually went a little longer the second round with the 60 day mark coming about a week or so before Thanksgiving. Since my cheat day on Thanksgiving I have stayed clean with minor cheats here and there and one big cheat day this last weekend over my birthday. Today is the first day in a new stretch, back on the clean eating kick strong and strict! The clean eating has shown such great results and I am now trying to keep the cheats down to a minimum and get back to goal weight and make more muscle gains.

New pictures and updates coming soon.

Recipes and meal making videos in the works

OK, so I have not been updating as much as I wanted to in the beginning. But everything is in the works, gym is in full swing, meal making is happening weekly, so even though the site is not being posted on, things are happening.
I have a few recipes I would like to throw on video and post, hoping to get those out very soon. I also have a review of the LiveStrong tracking app as well in the works, I just wanted to get some real time with it before I reviewed it fully.

PB2 recipes coming soon too, this is one of my new favorite foods!